The largest kayaking race in 2016

73-kilometre marathon through Denmark’s most stunning countryside

One-day race from Silkeborg to Randers

In 1968, the Danish Canoe and Kayak Federation launched the Tour de Gudenaa as a two-day event from Skanderborg to Randers divided into five stages. The race has been a huge success, attracting around 1,000 participants in the most successful years. Recent years have, however, seen a drop in the number of participants – with some 400 participants signing up for the event in 2013.


We are therefore very pleased to present the new Tour de Gudenaa in 2014 – a one-day, 73-kilometer race for all classes. The race is kicked off in Silkeborg on the lake in the heart of the city and the finish line is Randers Bridge in Randers. The race offers two ‘pit stops’ – at Tange and Langå – where the participants can take a break and refuel their bodies with refreshments. The race thus has no stages, but is one stretch from Silkeborg to Randers.

There will, instead, be a mass start for all classes in Silkeborg – a SPECTACULAR experience for both participants and spectators.



73 km a challenge for all canoeist

Whether an elite, sub-elite or sea kayaker or a newcomer to kayaking, the distance is sure to challenge you. But thanks to the river’s good downstream current, the company of all the other participants and the calm water, it is possible for everyone to make it to the finishing line. We encourage all clubs to organise Tour de Gudenaa training, so that the clubs can sign up for the race with large teams in good form.



Prizes to everyone completing the Tour de Gudenaa

Participants finishing boat will receive a TdG gold medal.

In addition, a prize drawing will be held among all finishers, and there will be prizes for the clubs having the highest number of finishers.


How to register for the Tour de Gudenaa

Start time

The Tour de Gudenå sets off on Saturday, 9 September at 10.00 in Silkeborg. 42K start at 10.00 in Ans.

All participants must have finished the race in Randers by 20.00 at the latest.

We expect a winning time of approx. 4 hours and 30 minutes.


The race has the following classes:

73K – start in Silkeborg

Men senior – K1, K2, K4, S and H
Men U18 – K1, K2, K4, S and H

Women senior – K1, K2, K4, S and H
Women U18 – K1, K2, K4, S and H

Mix senior – K2, K4


42K – start in Ans

Men senior – K1, K2, K4, C, C2, H, S and B
Men U18 – K1, K2, K4, C, C2, H, S and B

Women senior – K1, K2, K4, C, C2, H, S and B
Women U18 – K1, K2, K4, C, C2, H, S and B

Mix senior – K2, K4 and C2

Men U16 and U14 – K1, K2, K4, C, C2, H, S and B

Women U16 and U14 – K1, K2, K4, C, C2, H, S and B

Registration fee

Senior/Junior: DKK 500 per participant until 1.8.2016

Senior/Junior: DKK 600 per participant afterl 1.8.2016

U16 and U14: DKK 300 per participant

Craft shirt: DKK 150


73 km – Silkeborg to Randers

42 km – Ans to Randers


It is possible having your luggage, your boat and yourselves transported from Randers at Saturday morning 7:00 am.
Price is DKK 100


At the pit stops in Tange and Langå, refreshments are available to the participants, e.g. beverages, fruit and sandwiches.

At the refreshment stations and in the finishing area, it will also be possible to buy sandwiches, sausages, water, beer, coffee, etc.


At the race website, links will be regularly uploaded with accommodation offers – campsites, youth hostels and hotels.

Watch the website:

Further information

The participants will receive further information about instructions, boat numbers and other practical matters as soon as possible after 25 August.

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