Race Regulations – distances

The guidelines mentioned below apply to the entire race – specific guidelines for Silkeborg, Ans, Tange, Langå and Randers can be found under “race information”.

The 23K track

Distance is 23km (14.3mi), downstream and only on Gudenaa. It is possible to take a break in Langå.

The 42K track

Distance is 42km (26.1mi) and the first 5km (3.11mi) takes place in Tange Lake down to the portage at Tangeværket. During these 5km, participants must paddle between the safety boats and the western shore.

After the portages, the rest of the race takes place on Gudenaa all the way to the finish line in Randers.

The 70K track

Distance is 70km (43.5mi) and the race begins at Andetorvet, at Ansvej in Silkeborg. From the put-in, the track runs into the northern part of Silkeborg Langsø up to the entrance of Gudenaa at Aarhusvejen. From here, follow Gudenaa to Tange Lake which must be crossed paddling between the safety boats (marked by red flags) and the eastern shore.

After the portage, the rest of the race takes place on Gudenaa all the way to the finish line in Randers.

Voluntary Pitstops

It is allowed to make voluntary pitstops along the track. Participants should notice that refreshments will be handed out only at Tangewærket and Langå.

Last pitstop must be finished at 05:30pm at the latest, paddlers who do not meet this requirement will be disqualified.


PDFs must be worn at all times between the put-ins and Tangeværket. From then on, it is OK just to carry the PDFs in the boat.

Motor boats will be stationed at the put-ins in Silkeborg and Ans. Safety boats can be found in Silkeborg Langsø and Tange Lake too.

The safety boats are equipped with cellphones for contacting the race management.

Paddlers wishing to drop out must report this to the management ASAP by handing over their boat number to an official at a check-point, at the portage or in Langå.

Boat numbers: must be visible and placed in the boat in a standing position

Bib numbers: must be visible and fastened to the back of the stern paddler in the K2s

Dropped boats

The boat number must be handed in at one of the various bases – ex. the refreshment areas. In Randers dropped numbers can be handed in at the judges’ van.


Pacing is allowed on all boats and classes competing in the race.

Pacing on all other watercrafts will result in either a time penalty or disqualification.

Boat Control

Boat types will be screened at the put-ins. If any doubts arise, the boat in question may be subject to a thorough control at the finish line. This control is performed to ensure correct placement on the scoreboard.